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In 2022, Faith formally established the CHD Tablet Talk nonprofit organization where she serves as president and CEO. As a fierce advocate for CHD, Faith has served on the board of several CHD organizations. She believes the best way to move the mission of CHD awareness, research, funding, and support forward, is together, and through a united approach.  

Born with HLHS and having undergone eight open-heart surgeries, Faith knows what is like to be confined to a hospital bed - restricted by chest tubes, wires, breathing devices, IV’s, constant alarms, and says, “I don’t know what I would have done if I couldn’t keep in touch with friends back home. That helped me through my worst days.” 

Faith wants all children who are born with CHD to be filled with hope. That being said, Faith also knows how challenging a lengthy hospital stay can be and says, “It really is the little things that make a difference - a kind word, a positive interaction, a familiar face, and the love of others.” This is why Faith created CHD Tablet Talk. "Together, we can make a tangible difference for a child today - in the here and now."



According to the CDC, about 40,000 children are born each year in the US with a congenital heart defect. About 25% of those infants will have a critical CHD that will require surgery or other invasive procedures. Some conditions are extremely complex resulting in extensive hospital stays which can impact a child's mental health.


To decrease loneliness, isolation, and ease the burden for children with CHD who are experiencing a lengthy stay in the hospital so that they may know:  

They are loved.

They are remembered. 
They will always have a way to stay connected.

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Your generosity has made it possible for CHD Tablet Talk to serve children across the United States who are experiencing extended CHD-related hospital stays. You have provided resources, support and education to patients and families in need of hope and encouragement.

meet the team


Each member of our team has been personally impacted by CHD and are passionate about the CHD Tablet Talk mission.



Faith Brackett

CEO | Founder | President



Jenny Muscatell

Director | Vice President



Abigail Brackett

Director | Secretary

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Daniel Muscatell

Director | Treasurer

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